Project leader: City of Novi Vinodolski

Ruševo Krmpotsko Wind Farm
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Estimated value of the project: EUR 50,342,000

Location: City of Novi Vinodolski – area of Krmpote – Ownership: Republic of Croatia

Significance of the project

The main purpose of the facility is wind power production. The construction of a wind farm as an ecologically acceptable and available energy source would contribute to an increase of renewable energy source share in the Republic of Croatia, which is one the priorities of EU 2020 growth strategy.

The project involves the following construction activities

The project includes the construction of an energy conversion plant, as well as the construction of individual plants connected with electric power production from the wind, such as one or more wind turbines with pertaining substations and power lines, as well as control and other facilities for the wind farm. The maximum allowed height of auxiliary facilities is 10 m, the allowed number of floors being P+1. The permitted area for wind farm development is 30 km², and the maximum allowed power of the Ruševo Krmpotsko wind farm will be 90 MW. The power of single wind turbines will be limited to 3 MW.

Realization model

Open negotiation options.

Developed documents

Physical planning documents:

  • the project is in compliance with the physical planning documents.


Velimir Piškulić
City of Novi Vinodolski

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