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A quality network of commercial zones (production and business) is one of the pillars of economic development.
Production zones are mainly areas where activities of the secondary sector of the economy prevail, while business zones are mainly areas of tertiary sector activities.
Commercial zone network development in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County is based on the following nationally significant zones:

  • Miklavija Business Zone (Matulji),
  • Kukuljanovo Business and Production Zone (Bakar and Čavle),
  • Production Zone of littoral character in the West part of Rijeka – 3. Maj,
  • Urinj Production Zone (Kostrena and Bakar) – primarily a role in the oil industry.

Alongside the network of zones of national significance, a complementary network of regionally significant zones is being planned (area of 10-100 ha), as well as of those having local significance (area less than 10 ha). Physical planning documents have determined a total of 41 production zones and 168 business zones. Thereof, 5 zones are of national significance (over 100 ha), 43 medium-sized zones are of regional significance (from 10 to 100 ha) and 161 small zones of local significance (up to a maximum 10 ha).
Together with the depicted network of commercial zones, there is exceptional potential for the development of zones by the sea, primarily for littoral purposes (shipyards, small shipyards etc.).


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