Project leader: Bononia 3M građenje Ltd.

Residential-Business Complex Gomila
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Estimated value of the project: EUR 45,000,000

Location: City of Rijeka – area of the Old Town – Ownership: Bononia 3M građenje Ltd.

Significance of the project

The area of Gomila, a part of the Old Town historical core of the City of Rijeka, almost completely lost its original character and appearance during the 20th century. However, the recent urban planning of that area was directed towards the reconstruction of the historical environment and this was the basis for the project of construction of the residential-business complex with the underground garage, which unifies the idea of sustainable life and work in modern conditions with the reconstruction of the historical matrix and environment.
The realisation of the project also realises the benefits for a wider community because it creates preconditions for an increase in the share of residential contents in the Old Town and its development as a complete pedestrian zone.

The project involves the following construction activities

  • Underground public garage with the capacity of 800 vehicles on 5-6 levels, with an area of 8,000 m²,
  • 15 residential, residential-business and business-residential buildings with the height of P + 3, with gross developed area of 17,100 m², of which residential areas account for around 6,200 m², and business contents for around 10,800 m²,
  • public surfaces – pedestrian streets, staircases and smaller squares (obligation of the City of Rijeka).

Realization model

The City of Rijeka concluded a preliminary agreement on building right with the company Bononia 3M građenje Ltd. Based on this preliminary agreement, it is possible to include partners interested in the realisation of the entire project or certain parts of the project.

Developed documents

Physical planning documents:

  • Old Town detailed development plan,
  • concept design.


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City of Rijeka

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