Project leader: City of Bakar, Industrijska zona Ltd. Bakar

Bakar Industrial Zone
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Estimated value of the project: EUR 7,464,000

construction of road and plateaus B 5.2, B 5.3, B 5.4 and B 9.1.
construction of road F1
construction of roads B 7.7 – E 1.1
construction of roads C1, C2, C3, C4 and C5
construction of road and plateau B 6.2

EUR 1,470,000
EUR 1,334,000
EUR 2,800,000
EUR 1,334,000
EUR 526,000

Location: City Bakar, area of 500 ha, 40% free for the preparation of new locations, located in the vicinity of the port, motorway, airport and railroad – Ownership: legal issues pertaining to ownership have been settled for the most part, active effort is being invested to settle the rest. The majority owner of the zone is the City of Bakar

Significance of the project

Attracting investors to the commercial zone with the aim of creating new production capacities and new workplaces.
Industrijska zona Ltd. Bakar is the most developed business zone in the Republic of Croatia. Approximately 150 business subjects with over 3,500 directly employed staff operate within it. The zone is infrastructurally complete and contains: 12 km of built roads, sanitary and fire-resistant plumbing, sanitary and rainwater sewer system, industrial railway track, electricity and TT grid, street lighting, pipeline.
Furthermore, there exists an array of additional services in the zone: customs, goods terminal, freight forwarders, petrol stations, concrete mixing plant, warehouses, parking lots, restaurants, shopping centres, police station, ATMs, fitness centre, etc.

The project involves the following construction activities

A road with complete infrastructure with a length of 4,360 m and the construction, i.e. preparation of a plateau with a total area of approx. 400,000 m².

Realization model

With the gradual realisation of all 5 separate units that comprise this project, more than 4 km of new roads with complete infrastructure will be built. After the completion of the project that is expected until 2020, new investors will have disposal of more than 50 ha of completely equipped plateaus intended for economic activity.

Developed documents

The entirety of the project has been harmonised with spatial planning documents, i.e. urban plans, and the preliminary designs have been drafted. There already exist location permits for several of the aforementioned 5 /five/ locations, while parcelling has been completed and construction permits are anticipated. Once construction permits are obtained for each of the aforementioned micro locations, construction will begin and the conditions will have been created for the arrival of new investors.


Tomislav Klarić, Mayor
City of Bakar

Primorje 39, 51222 Bakar
Phone: +385 51 455 742
Fax: +385 51 455 741

Irvin Badurina, Director
Industrijska zona Ltd. Bakar

Primorje 39/II, 51222 Bakar
Phone: + 385 51 253 060
Fax: + 385 51 253 061

City of Bakar    Primorje-Gorski kotar County



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