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County’s main ski resort

  • PLATAK Regional Recreational Sports and Tourist Centre
    The existing tourist/sports structure complex of relevance for the entire County, situated on the territory governed by the Municipality of Čavle – has been planned to be adapted for a year-round use – reconstruction of the existing status has been planned with the extension of recreational sport and tourist/hospitality industry capacities. The total planned surface area of the future centre will be 426.30 ha, and, subject to the amendment of the legislative provisions, further extension of the centre has been planned to the territories of Snježnik, Guslica and Planina (at the Risnjak National Park) – if these areas are attached to the County’s main ski resort, conditions would be created for top-quality recreational skiing and Olympic skiing disciplines.

Smaller ski resorts

  • Sports Centre Petehovac - include the existing ski Male i Velike Polane. The Center’s planned new ski total area of 393.35 ha,
  • Sports Centre Mrkopalj - ski resort on the territory of the Mrkopalj Municipality – includes the existing Čelimbaša and Klobučarev vrh ski resorts and the Zagmajna Biathlon Centre – new ski area Prenka (at Brestova Draga) and Maj (at Tuk Mrkopaljski and Tuk Vojni) have been planned as part of the resort, as well as Jukina Kosa, Pod Višnjevicu, Mlačice and Bijela Kosa (at Begovo Razdolje) – with a total ski area of 388.42 ha,
  • Sports Centre Vrbovsko - ski resort in the area of the City of Vrbovsko, of the total surface area of 268.80 ha – including the planned Bijela Kosa 1 and Bijela kosa 2 ski areas – preliminary works on the construction of the Bijela Kosa 1 ski area are ongoing, in compliance with the amendment of the Town-Planning Scheme,
  • Sports Centre Čabar - ski resort in the area of the City of Čabar – including the existing Rudnik ski area (Tršće) and planned new ski areas Farbežari/Crni Lazi and Kovačev hrib (Prezid) – with a total ski area of 184.99 ha.

Individual ski areas

  • Planned Jelenča and Plase ski areas, on the territory of the Municipality of Fužine, total surface area of 138.94 ha,
  • planned Suhi Vrh ski area, on the territory of the Municipality of Ravna Gora, total surface area of 77.18 ha,
  • planned Veliko Selce ski area, in the Municipality of Skrad, total surface of 17.68 ha,
  • planned Suhe Rečine ski area, in the Municipality of Lokve.

A summarized presentation of construction zones intended for recreational sports purposes, planned as ski area, in municipalities and towns, and the total ski slope surface area at Gorski Kotar and the Municipality of Čavle (as the nearby area).

Total surface (construction zone) intended for recreational sports-ski areas:
Total surface (construction zone) intended for recreational sports-ski areas at Gorski Kotar
(including Platak): 1895.66 ha
426.30 ha
393.35 ha
184.99 ha
138.94 ha
388.42 ha
77.18 ha
17.68 ha
268.80 ha

Source: Morić, T. (Project Manager): Developing a concentration of ski areas at Gorski Kotar – a professional map for the Physical Plan of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, the Physical Planning Institute, a Public Institution of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Rijeka, 2011.



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