Project leader: Mrzle Drage Ltd. – Communal Municipal Company, Municipality of Mrkopalj

Zagmajna Biathlon Centre
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Estimated value of the project: EUR 5,000,000

Location: Municipality of Mrkopalj, 1.5 km away from the centre of Mrkopalj – Ownership: Republic of Croatia

Significance of the project

The Zagmajna Croatian biathlon centre is mostly situated in a pinewood and on 900 m above sea level. It has disposal of 4.5 km of arranged cross-country ski trails, as well as a biathlon shooting range. In the past few years, it was the host of several big and important competitions, such as: the Open Balkan Biathlon Championship 2005, in which nine countries participated, and a series of regional and state championships in biathlon and Nordic disciplines.
However, the Zagmajna Croatian biathlon centre is not only a winter destination. In summer, the existing ski trails become mountain-bike trails or trails for pleasant walks in the shade of the pinewood. The centre is of a polyvalent character and is appropriate for holding big open-air concerts for 20,000 participants. It is also ideal for camping and there are meadows and cattle pastures nearby, rich in flora and fauna.

The project involves the following construction activities

The plan includes the construction of the entire infrastructure which will en­su­re the elementary conditions for normal preparations and competitions of Nordic and biathlon athletes, as well as all other interest sports and recreational groups, both in summer and winter. The area is ideal for the construction of tourist and hospitality capacities, holding of open-air concerts, gatherings of bikers, youth, pensioners, athletes and all other interest groups. In the direct proximity of the Zag­majna centre, there is a 2.5 ha area of the T1 tourist zone, intended for the construction of a hotel. This area offers a beautiful view of Mrkopalj and the Čelimbaša recreational centre, which has 3.5 km of arranged Alpine ski trails with a ski lift and a football field at the foot of the ski track.

Realization model

Open investment possibilities in view of ensuring an appropriate loan, own investment, joint ventures, right to build, long-term concession, etc.

Developed documents

Physical planning documents:

  • project complies with the physical planning documentation of the Municipality of Mrkopalj,
  • detailed development plan.


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