Project leader: Port of Rijeka Authority, City of Rijeka

Delta and Porto Baroš – Rijeka waterfront
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Estimated value of the project: EUR 500,000,000

Location: Delta and Porto Baroš – Ownership: port area – maritime domain

Significance of the project

Repurposing the port capacities into municipal capacities is based on the long-time public and professional need of integrating urban, residential and commercial capacities in this area i.e. on the need for the port to actively coexist with the city.
With the relocation of activities from Delta and Porto Baroš to other locations, the spatial and location potential of this area is channelled toward the creation of a new and recognisable part of the city centre which will, with its facilities, appearance and quality become a public place and bearer of the new identity of the city – one that actively coexists with the city, its citizens with the sea, while also exceeding local limits and positioning Rijeka as an example of the successful transformation of Mediterranean port cities.
To achieve the aforementioned goals, the possibility for the construction of around 200,000 m² gross developed area of new buildings was opened in the South Delta alone, with additional 50,000 m² within the Baroš Marina.

The project involves the following construction activities

  • A central city park with an area of 4 ha in the area of North Delta,
  • various municipal facilities (residential, business, trade, hospitality, entertainment, city multipurpose hall, aquarium) in South Delta, on an area of 10 ha,
  • Baroš Marina, area of around 10 ha.

Realization model

According to the current status of the area (maritime domain) and the existing legal framework, it is possible to issue an international public tender for granting a concession.

Developed documents

Spatial planning documents:

  • an International Public Bid was called for urban-architectural solution for the Delta and Porto Baroš area. Three equal-value works were selected, which represent the stipulated framework and the necessary basis for elaboration of space planning documents were selected for the investors which will submit bids for concession in the Delta and Porto Baroš area.


Port of Rijeka Authority

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Srđan Škunca, Head
City Department for Development, Urban Planning, Ecology and Land Management
City of Rijeka

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City of Rijeka    Primorje-Gorski kotar County



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